Monday, 20 May 2013

Hello's been a while...

..but my PA, Suzanne has too much typing to do lol:)

The circle journals are doing the rounds ...don't forget the next swap date is this coming Saturday, 25th May.  I hope that you have not all dived in haha ...but given it some thought!  Remember you are now working on someone else's project.  Read their rules first and then plan what you are going to do.  Please respect all work - that goes without saying.

I, myself have made my journal quite simple so that it is not too intimadating for those who are new to this kind of project.  It can seem like a daunting task to be confronted with.

Men's cards are always difficult so here's three with a fishing theme and all very easy.  They were a recent make and take.  All stamps used are from Woodware.

Barbara has provided this lovely verse - she wanted to share:-

Give a Man a Fish you feed him for a day
Teach a Man to Fish you feed him for a lifetime

Will back soon ...Suzanne is doing a blogging marathon for me!


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