Monday, 8 April 2013


Well we have our very own big "circle.....Please head over to the Cubby Hole website by clicking HERE to see the extensive information that Nigel has kindly provided.  We won't repeat it here but we will provide the list of participants and their themes....some very interesting ones!  It is going to be fun but it is going to be long...let's please try to keep to the deadlines - remember if you miss a deadline then it puts pressure on the person you are handing the circle journal over to each month.  AND seen as we are such a nice friendly bunch of people at the Cubby Hole we would not want that lol :)

  • Little Sue - "Typography"
  • Mrs CubbyHole - "Poems"
  • Wendy - "The Last Word"
  • Christine C - "Bookworm"
  • Nigel - "Moondance"
  • Kristina - "Memories"
  • Carol B - "Music, Music, Music"
  • Suzanne - "Vintage Nature Journal"
  • Barbara - "Favourite Songs"
  • Dot - "In my Garden"
  • Lynda - "Cartoon Characters""
  • Janet - "Snowdrops"
  • Suzi B - "Significant Places"
  • Lisa - "Vintage Chic"
What do you all think?

APRIL 27th is the date we are all to have our journals ready with Carol for exchange.  Say goodbye to it now for 14-months WOW!

We are working off the above list for example Mrs Cubby Hole will always receive the next circle journal from Little Sue...Mrs Cubby Hole will always give the next circle journal to Wendy...i.e. a circle - it is never broken!  

The most important rule is to have FUN!  Be imaginative and ENJOY!


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