Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Well I hope you enjoyed my taster of the Secret Garden projects, I shall be back tomorrow with the first two projects from Lisa and Wendy.  Hope you get a chance to leave a comment!

As you may know the theme for this month is "Mannequin" interpret this as you wish - as it is wonderful to see how all your creative minds think.  "Little Sue Mc" has kindly provided a piece for inspiration this month and I will leave this with you.  Can you believe that the dress is made from good old plain kitchen towel/roll......much better use for it than wiping up spills lol   -  CAROL :)

PS...the mannequin's hat is created using an old cake/tart foil case.
Thank you Sue!

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  1. Isn't it great..just shows what you can do with household stuff and a bit of imagination and lots of creativity too..very inspiring.
    I have just popped over to have a peek. I have heard a lot about The Cubby Hole, but I am a long, long way away!
    Sue x


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