Sunday, 10 April 2011

Secret Garden in its Glory

Morning...its Monday again! Where do the days go?  As expected the unveiling of the Secret Garden projects was a huge success with a lot of ooooing and arring.  Each and every piece was a masterpiece in its own right and no two projects were even vaguely similar.

Throughout this week I shall showcase each and every project, and provide more details of the Cubby Hole exhibition i.e. showcasing all your work - now that shall be a very different exhibition.


  1. Everybody's work was just superb-and what a lovely variety of projects and styles. I had a lovely time cooing and ahhing and stroking all the entries - Well done to all who entered-Looking forward to seeing all the entries for next month's showcase!! xx

  2. It was great to see all the finished projects. All so different. Such a talented bunch of crafters!. Well done every one.
    As for the next challenge....oooh heck!
    Sue B x

  3. Looks like a fantastic range of projects - can't wait to see them showcased here as I've not made it down to the cubby hole for a while! Be there Saturday though :)

  4. Aren't they beautiful!
    Quite an inspiring challenge title!!
    Sue x


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