Wednesday, 9 January 2013

As promised!

More frequent blog posts!

Just before Christmas I heard about a vintage/craft fair at Brockholes Nature Reserve so I dragged Paul off there for the morning.  Its about 5 minutes drive from junction 31 (Preston) on the M6.  As well as the craft fair (which was okay) the countryside rangers were providing activities for children but more adults were taking part. To Paul's horror we joined in.  We made a Christmas wreath but thats looking a bit wilted now and then we made a sock reindeer.  I have photographic evidence of Paul in construction!!

BROCKHOLES is a nice place to visit if you have children.  A huge area to walk around, children's playground, giftshop, cafe etc.  There are lots of activities planned for Spring as well.

Now Christmas is over I can start organising activities here at the Cub!  I will be inviting you all to join in group projects after the success of the travelling canvas.  I think SUZANNE has an idea in mind so it would be good if you joined in to support her.

I have a theme in mind for our Summer Exhibition but its far too early to announce that.  All I will say is that it will be very colourful!


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