Monday, 9 December 2013

McMillan Fundraising

Raffle Prize Winners
Our raffle prizes were very kindly donated by Councillor Peggy Martin, our previous Mayor and now our Deputy Mayor for Crewe Town Council.

1.  Coffee Machine - Mrs Vince
2.  Clinque Hamper - Mrs Astbury
3.  Morning Foods Hamper - Angela
4.  Kingsize Bedding Set - Mrs Janet Leighton
5.  Double Bedding Set - Little Sue
6.  Harveys Bristol Cream - Mrs Christine Costello
7.  FlipFlops & Footcare Set - Little Sue
8.  Sweeties - Grandad George & Sandra
9.  Disposable Cameras - Dot Smith & Barbara Poole

Woodware kindly donated a craft prize which was won by Mrs Carol Burrows.


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