Wednesday, 24 October 2012 fast...

...time is flying.  It's nearly time for the clocks to be altered and it's nearly time for our "ARTISAN MARKET!!!".

I am really pleased that so many people have come and booked tables.  It just shows what a wealth of creativity we have in Crewe.  I have been lucky to have "sneak peeks" at the work when individuals book.  I am sure I will be buying a few Christmas presents.

If you are able to put up a poster or dole out some flyers, do come and collect some.  The more advertising we can do the better.
I want you to think about decorating your table.  You will probably need a sheet or two as a covering but then it's up to you....feel free to dress up if you want to but, it may be a little hippy!  In true crazy CUBBY HOLE STYLE, please wear a hat!!  Just what kind is up to you but the quikier the better.

Tables at the Georges Community Centre are much smaller but will be warmer.  They will also be serving breakfast in the morning and afternoon tea will be available throughout the afternoon.  Prices are very reasonable.

I want the event to be a success and then hopefully it can be repeated.  I also want to do bigger things next year.  Watch this space ......I cannot do it though without support from my fantastic crew.

Dates are on the website for our annual Crazy Cubby Hole Christmas Party.  All the usual mayhem and madness and just an "oasis of calm" in all your planning and preparation for the big day.

More "make and take" examples to follow......CAROL :)

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