Saturday, 28 July 2012

Celebrating the Diversity Again II

Well Friday 13th July was our preview evening and what an amazing time we had!

A group of us spent all day hanging the work and I think you'll agree, it looks pretty darn good.  A huge "thank you" to Christine & Mike (who did not need ladders), Suzanne & Neil and Mark for all their help.

7pm saw everyone arriving and lots of you had made such an effort with costumes and hair decorations.

Our special guest was Lee, our very own steampunk enthusiast who came as his alter ego, De Lorean Gray - time travelling immortal gentleman - professional tea drinker and Battenburg procurement specialist!!!

Mark has created a Facebook page for us where you can view the night and other information about the Cubby Hole.  Access can be found by clicking  HERE!  Please feel free to "like us" and join in.

The work on the walls is fantastic- a real eclectic mix.

The central "steampunk" challenge was definitely that.  I know it caused a few headaches..but well worth it!

The work is on display until the end of September so please tell all you know to come and have a look.


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