Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Final Mannequin Pieces

Back to Mannequin - our final pieces!!!

Lisa  has produced another figure that looks great and she has used a product called Mod Rock for the body to enable it to remain upright.  Lots of stitchy bits that so typically Lisa.

Here is the most amazing piece of pergamano from Sue Wood.  The butterflies and flowers are all beautifully embossed and highlighted with pearls.  I love the way the veil billows out.  It all looks very striking against the magenta background.  Lots of people have commented on this piece so WELL DONE SUE!

True to form, another quirky piece from Kristina - how does her mind work?  But I love it because it is just so imaginative.  This is what I am finding so amazing about these challenges - you are all pushing the boundary and being a bit more adventurous.

Kristina always incorporates loads of little details.  I love the 3 pin plug!!!

Last but not least is Anne Bennett's decorated board book. She's got some lovely stamped images and mingled them with a whole of embellishments.  I remember having paper dressing up dolls as a girl.

Better later than ever, Anne also made a board book for the Secret Garden theme and here are some of her pages.

I would like to say a big thank you to you all for playing along with the Mannequin theme.  CAROL

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  1. These are all very different pieces but each very wonderful in their own right! Way to go Girlies


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