Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mannequin - Part I

Hello, our Mannequin challenge has once again been an amazing success.  Some fantastic work has been produced which we will show you over the next couple of weeks.

Lets start off with Suzanne's Mannequin Memory Box.  Typically Suzanne's style - its why she's my Senior Creative Team Leadeer.  I love the shabby chic style.
 Next, a selection of cards by Dot.  All very different - I love the way the blue folds, she tells me it is easy but I am not too sure.  I also like the oriental style card.
Teresa did not know about our challenge but when I saw her card I had to snaffle it cos its just right. Simple but elegant.
Carol, our cross stitcher has come up with another fab idea.  This little geisha has outfits to change into.
I also asked Little Sue to produce an inspirational piece - which I have already showed in detail previously.  She decided to make a rainbow of Mannequins, so her second one is an orange one.  Both are totally different but full of tiny details.  Only Sue could think of an idea like this - and have the time!! 
I shall return with more wonderful mannequin projects very soon.  CAROL :)


  1. Great pieces by the DT, all very unique and very creative. Tracy x

  2. Didn't every one do a fantastic job... joining in and having fun!
    Sue B x

  3. Could not agree more with you Sue! Just love it that everyone's interpretation is so so very different!


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